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About The Wright Road

The  wRight  Road  Day  Program  is  a  center  based program in which offers various engaging activities foradults with intellectual and developmental disabilities help reach goals and enjoy daily activities.
We create a welcoming environment for individuals to learn and grow as well as create new friendships.

Our State of the art facility was built from the ground up and  opened its  doors in 2011. It is fully equipped with inside basketball court, Bowling  Alley  and various  other  recreational activity games.  The facility also has a  computer lab in which  individuals  are able  to  obtain computer skills.

As  a  result  of  participation  in  Wright  Road  Adult  Community-Based Behavioral Day Program it  is  anticipated that individuals  shall learn  to demonstrate  and  execute  skills  that  will increase the likelihood they can  successfully  and safely move  about  and  work  within their communities.The targeted  areas  include  but  are  not  limited  to: behavioral  functioning,  self-advocacy,  social skills  (interpersonal  interaction  and  relationships), self  help  skills and
functional communication with others.
It is also anticipated that  individuals  shall  learn  to  demonstrate and  execute  skills  that  will increase  the likelihood they  can  successfully  perform  specific  work  skills  and  tasks.
The focus  areas  include  but  are  not  limited  to:  body  mechanics,  money  management, domestic  work  tasks and activities, industrial work tasks and activities, business office work tasks  and  activities,  time  management, working in group situations, management of various tools and equipment.

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