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Community Joint Venture

Oor Consumers - A Home to Call My Own

To living in a family home with CJV you must be at least 18  years old. You must have an open case with  South  Central Los Angeles Regional Center.  CJV Consumers are individuals who have a variety of needs and formal diagnoses.  Some Consumers are Conserved,  and some are Non-conserved.  Some of  our  Consumer  have children, who live with them in the CJV home and are provided  with  extensive  Parenting  Support  to  keep  their  family  unit together.  
Our Consumers work in a variety of settings, attend  classes,  enjoy  attending  and participating  various  activities  and events  within  their  community  with  and  without  CJV  Home  Provider  family  members  or  staff,  and  above all are encouraged  to  express  their individual choices and preferences.  
One of the very special and unique concepts of the Family Home Agency is  the  practice  of “Matching” Consumers and Home  Providers  based  upon  mutual  interests,  likes,  dislikes  and  preferences.  We  provide  the  Consumer  with opportunity to participate in a Meet and Greet communication session, allowing the prospective Consumer and  Home Provider  to  talk  to each other before a decision is made about placement with CJV.

150 W. Walnut St #200
Gardena, CA 90248
Office 310-851-4900  
Fax     310-851-4907  

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