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Community Joint Venture

About Community Joint Venture.

According to the  Community  Services Division  of  California  Department of  Developmental Services: A Family Home Agency (FHA) approves family homes which offer the opportunity for up to two adult  individuals  with  developmental disabilities per home to reside with a family and share in the interaction and responsibilities of being part of a family.
The individual with developmental  disabilities  receives  the  necessary service and supports from the family, agencies and the  community to  enable the  individual to be a participating member of  the  family and  the  community  where the  family  resides.  The  family  home arrangement allows  the  sharing  of  food,  shelter,  experience,  responsibilities  and  love.
In  addition,  the  FHA is a  private, nonprofit  organization  under contract  to, and  vendored  by  one  of  the  regional centers.  FHAs are responsible for  recruiting,  training,  approving  and  monitoring family homes, as well  as providing ongoing support to family homes. Social service staff employed by the FHA make regular  visits  to the family  home  to  ensure that necessary services and supports are in place, and that the match  between  the  family and the new family member is viable and continues to be viable.

Community Joint Venture is, by California  Code  of  Regulations  Tittle  17,  a  501c3  Family
Home Agency.  Community Joint Venture (CJV) was  established  and  vendored  with  South Central Los Angeles Regional Center in 2010.  We work very  closely  in  partnership  with  the State  Department  of  Developmental  Services  and  South-Central  Los Angeles Regional Center staff. The Consumers who live in a CJV Home have access to the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Administrator-Clinical  Director,  Psychiatrist,  Licensed  Clinical  Social Worker,  Case  Manager,  one-on-one  Direct Support staff,  Office  Support  staff  and our incredible Home Provider’s.  We  are  the  Support  TEAM  whose  purpose  is  to  advocate, facilitate, guide, nurture, teach and encourage our Consumer’s to  live  their  best  possible lives.
150 W. Walnut St #200
Gardena, CA 90248
Office 310-851-4900  
Fax     310-851-4907  

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