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Community Joint Venture

Become a Home Provider

CJV Home Providers are a vital part of the TEAM with the biggest HEARTS.  Our Home Providers reflect ourcommunity at large.  The individuals  who  become Home Providers come from a variety  of  cultural and  ethnic  backgrounds. Home  Providers  are single, married, or divorced.   Some  work  outside  the  home  some  are  retired.   Career  and
educational levels vary.  Some Providers live in  an  apartment and some live in a  house. Some  Providers  have  pets some have no pets. Home  Providers  may  have  children  of  various  ages  living  in  the  home  and  some  do  not.
New Home Provider Orientations  are  held  at  our  corporate  office  in  Gardena.  During  this  meeting  prospective Home Providers are provided with detailed information about how CJV  philosophy,  DDS   Title   17   Regulations,  CJV functions,  services  and supports, policy and procedures.  Prospective  Home  Providers  are  finger print cleared and invited to a 24-hour training that takes places over a few weeks.  Stipends are tax free

150 W. Walnut St #200
Gardena, CA 90248
Office 310-851-4900  
Fax     310-851-4907

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