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Wrap around me

About Wrap Around Me

Wrap Around Me goal is to offer  a  program  designed  to develop a  feeling  of  security,  to  encourage  an  interest  in learning that will result in creativity  of  individuals  self  expression  and  for  the  family.  Independent living is  a  great achievement, and Wrap around me helps individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities achieve that goal. Wrap  Around  Me  helps individuals  live  on  their  own  by  giving them the tools and  support  necessary  in  order  to
achieve their goals.
Wrap around  me  provides  Independent  Living  services  (ILS), Supportive Living Services (SLS) and Parenting services. All services provide individualized goals and  support  plans  which are tailored to meet individual needs. They  provide direct  support  in  the  home  setting, assistance with  acquisition  of  community  based  services, work  opportunities, educational opportunities and with housing options.
All  of  our  staff  are  highly  dedicated,  trained  and  qualified  to  provide the necessary support that individuals need.
The goal is to provide the support that they need in order for them  to  make  independent, productive choices that will integrate them within  the  community. Our  staff  provides  the  tools  necessary  for individuals to make these choices and join the community.

150 W. Walnut St #200
Gardena, CA 90248
Office 310-851-4900  
Fax     310-851-4907  

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