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Residential Homes

About Residential Homes     

Epic Residential Homes and Wright Residential Homes

We are more than just homes we provide a caring and supportive environment. We provide 24 hour residential care for adults with developmental disabilities in the Los Angeles Area.
All Homes provide a family style  environment  with  caring  staff  to  provide  guidance  and  support  to  individuals. Individuals live in esthetically appealing  home  environments, clean and  orderly and  given  promotion  of  personal choice and advocacy.
Individuals  regularly  attend  schedule  events and  activities  to  ensure  community  inclusion  and  participation.
All individuals attend Day Programs or  work  programs  during the week to ensure developmental  and  socialization skills.
We  have  trained  and  dedicated  staff  to  assist  with  the  needs  and  support   necessary  for  all individuals.
We all have the same passion in making sure  that  all  individuals  are comfortable in their home and are gaining the skills necessary  to  be  able  to  integrate  within  the  community.
Our goal is to make sure everyone feels at home.

150 W. Walnut St #200
Gardena, CA 90248
Office 310-851-4900  
Fax     310-851-4907  

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